Americans for Fair Skies commends US government action regarding the Gulf Subsidies

A statement from Americans for Fair Skies:

“We commend the action by the U.S. Departments of Transportation, State, and Commerce to open formal proceedings on the airline subsidies by the United Arab Emirates to Etihad Airways and Emirates Airways and Qatar to Qatar Airways. This is an important first step towards restoring fairness to our skies and stopping the largest trade violation in history.

There will certainly be a diversity of opinions on this matter, but one thing we should all agree on is the freedom to have this dialogue with our government and for our government to have formal consultations with the UAE and Qatar. We believe the evidence is clear: Etihad, Qatar, and Emirates would not be commercially viable without national subsidies. The more then $40 billion in subsidies have instead allowed these airlines to distort the international aviation marketplace and threaten American jobs.

We look forward to presenting our formal case to the U.S. Government in the docket.”

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