Let Your Voice Be Heard: End Gulf Subsidies

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More and more people are joining our fight. Congressional leaders are stepping up to ask President Trump and his Administration to take action against the illegal Gulf subsidies being used by the United Arab Emirates and Qatar that undermine the aviation trade agreements they hold with the United States.
The UAE and Qatar are predatorily expanding their state-owned airlines, dumping seats into markets without regard to demand, distorting the marketplace, and depriving U.S. airlines and their employees the ability to compete fairly and equally in Open Skies.
Senator Ted Cruz said of the subsidies, “The Gulf carriers have received an unprecedented level of subsidization in the amount of $50 billion documented since 2004. This blatant disregard for our Open Skies agreements has allowed these airlines to undercut U.S. carriers, financially damaging the U.S. airline industry, jeopardizing service to small-and medium-sized communities and threatening American jobs.”
We must continue to encourage the Trump Administration to take bold action in the face of these violations that threaten both the American economy and American jobs. If you’re wondering how to get started – it is easy. Sign our petition online, and follow us on Twitter & like us on Facebook to stay engaged and keep up with the latest news on our fight to end the Gulf subsidies.

Thank you for your time and your support. It is through collective action that we can restore a level playing field for American aviation workers.

Thank you,

Americans for Fair Skies

americans4fairskies2015Let Your Voice Be Heard: End Gulf Subsidies

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