airport fee exemptions
in government grants
in government capital injections
loans and shareholder advances with no repayment obligation

Since it was founded in mid-2003, Etihad Airways has received over $17 billion dollars in subsidies from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Subsidies are defined by the WTO as:

Equity infusions direct from the government

Etihad’s CEO has gone on the record as saying that Etihad has one shareholder [Abu Dhabi] and is government owned.

While neither of those things is a violation of the Open Skies agreement the United Arab Emirates holds with the United States, the $17 billion+ that Etihad has received from Abu Dhabi over the past 10 years most definitely is.

The World Trade Organization has very clear definitions of what constitutes a subsidy. These definitions help to understand the scope of support Etihad has, and still is, receiving from the government of Abu Dhabi.