“This crucial partnership [CRAF] is threatened by subsidies undermining U.S. aviation transport trade agreements with the United Arab Emirates and State of Qatar. These subsidies are not only an exploitation of American trade policy that threatens an industry vital to the American economy, but present a threat to U.S. national security and military readiness.”

“The negative impact of these foreign carrier subsidies and their impact on our national security is compounded with the reality that approximately 1,500 aviation jobs are lost for every route ceded or surrendered due to this subsidized competition. These lost jobs represent not only the aircrew that fly these aircraft in times of crisis with CRAF, but also the maintenance workers and technicians, and the ramp supervisors and dispatchers who ensure safe global operations.”


Largest U.S. airlines urge Trump to enforce Qatar deal barring subsidized flights

A group representing the three largest U.S. airlines and aviation unions said Wednesday that Qatar’s state-owned airline is playing President Trump for a fool by flouting a deal with the administration not to add new flights to the U.S. market. “Qatar’s behavior on this issue has been outright insulting to both the president, the Secretary of

Trump’s Trade Enforcement Helps Keep America Safe

President Donald Trump and his administration just took important action to keep America safe and to keep our trade fair by striking an important agreement with the United Arab Emirates to end its aviation trade cheating and freeze its plans for future incoming indirect routes (known as 5th Freedom flights) to the United States. As a

President Trump Takes Action Against UAE Open Skies Violations

Friends, News broke today that as a result of President Trump’s leadership on trade enforcement to safeguard U.S. jobs, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has agreed to end its market distorting airline subsidies and freeze any additional new 5th Freedom routes into the United States. This is a huge step forward in the fight for

Retired Military Leaders Write to President Trump on Keeping America Safe, Trade Fair

Former military leaders have written to President Trump expressing their concern over the threat Gulf aviation trade cheating poses to our national defense. They are asking the president to complete the mission he started when he took on Qatari trade cheating by taking similar action to combat the illegal aviation trade practices of the UAE.

Enforcing Trade Agreements to Keep America Safe

By Robert Mitchell The United States military is the most powerful fighting force the world has ever seen. During my decades of service as a Navy SEAL and later as a CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer, the strength, intelligence, and determination of our service members was always on display. Whether on the front lines or stationed

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