Trouble for CNN over terror nation ties to TV analysts

A report highlighted by Donald Trump Jr. that some CNN national security analysts have undisclosed ties to a Middle Eastern nation that sponsors terrorism threatens to undercut the network’s support among Democrats and independents, according to a new survey. A poll of six battleground states found that likely voters, especially Democrats, believe the report, the

Air Italy plans North American growth despite US protests

Air Italy plans to announce at least two additional North American destinations for the summer of 2020, as the airline expands transatlantic service despite opposition from US legacy carriers. The carrier also hopes to unveil its first US interline partner later this year, chief operating officer Rossen Dimitrov tells FlightGlobal. He declines to specify the new

Enforce the Open Skies Act

President Trump is in the middle of a growing number of trade disputes. On Sunday, he promised to dramatically raise tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods if a trade deal isn’t completed by this Friday. But while the Trump trade threats over tariffs steal the headlines, the Trump administration will soon have to make

Ken Blackwell: Democrats have no answer to Trump trade deals

With the Democratic primary campaign underway, presidential hopefuls on the left are seeking to contrast themselves with Donald Trump in a variety of ways. They want to raise taxes on the wealthy to fund free college, free health care, and the Green New Deal. They want to end private health insurance. They want to pack the

Qatar Accused of Violating Agreements in Bid to Undercut U.S. Air Carriers

U.S. air carriers are calling foul on Qatar for violating an international agreement aimed at leveling the playing field for international airlines, a backdoor move that has seen the small oil rich nation inject tens of millions of dollars into a once-defunct Italian airline. Qatar in 2018 signed on to an agreement known as the

Largest U.S. airlines urge Trump to enforce Qatar deal barring subsidized flights

A group representing the three largest U.S. airlines and aviation unions said Wednesday that Qatar’s state-owned airline is playing President Trump for a fool by flouting a deal with the administration not to add new flights to the U.S. market. “Qatar’s behavior on this issue has been outright insulting to both the president, the Secretary of

U.S. looking ‘very closely’ at Qatar-Air Italy deal: Pompeo

The United States is scrutinizing state-owned Qatar Airways’ acquisition of a 49 percent stake in Air Italy, which has been flying to U.S. destinations since June in a move seen by U.S. lawmakers as flouting a deal not to add new flights to the domestic market. Questioned repeatedly about the acquisition during a U.S. Senate

Testing Time on Trade

The distinguishing feature of the Trump Administration’s economic policy has been its approach to international trade. Its “fair and reciprocal” trade philosophy has embraced tariffs as a strategic tool to force trade talks, it has focused closely on issues of bilateral trade balance, and it has signaled a surprising comfort with non-tariff barriers to trade

President Trump’s Leadership on Open Skies Has Paid off for American Travelers

In 1987, then-real estate mogul Donald Trump laid out the strategies and wisdom that built him one of America’s largest real estate empires in his book The Art of the Deal. Now, as President of the United States, Donald Trump has been using those same tactics to deliver real results for the American people, and it’s

Matt Gaetz tells Trump to get tough on Qatar for ‘Cheating’ US Airline Companies

A GOP lawmaker sent a letter to President Donald Trump Wednesday calling for the White House to take action against Qatar for violating international Open Skies agreements and a 2018 pact between the two countries. Qatar is “cheating” U.S. airlines by subsidizing foreign competitors, cutting flight prices and outcompeting American companies in U.S. markets, according