Trump deal on global airline competition makes the skies more open

By: Peter Navarro, Assisant to the President for Trade & Manufacturing Policy This week, President Trump secured another big win for American workers and businesses. At the direction of the White House, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, working closely with the Department of Transportation, struck a deal that resolved a three-year “Open Skies” disagreement between

A voice for the American worker

By: James H. Burnley IV, former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Presidents are judged by how they stand up for the American people. Whether it is protecting U.S. jobs or safeguarding our industries and our jobs from foreign trade cheating, we expect our presidents to act in the best interests of Americans. That was one of

Trump’s Trade Enforcement Helps Keep America Safe

President Donald Trump and his administration just took important action to keep America safe and to keep our trade fair by striking an important agreement with the United Arab Emirates to end its aviation trade cheating and freeze its plans for future incoming indirect routes (known as 5th Freedom flights) to the United States. As a

Enforcing Trade Agreements: Another Trump Promise Fulfilled

President Donald Trump can celebrate another victory for his America First agenda. On Monday, the United Arab Emirates came to terms with the United States, agreeing to uphold the Open Skies agreement between the two nations. For several decades, now, the UAE and Qatar have poured subsidies into their national airlines in an effort to

Re-Opening The Skies

By: Douglas Holtz-Eakin Yesterday, the United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed an agreement regarding the future of their Open Skies agreement, a deal that follows on the heels of a similar agreement reached with Qatar a few months back. Open Skies agreements are trade agreements in the form of bilateral treaties that permit

How Qatar Airways is (subtly) expanding U.S. presence

Qatar Airways — a Middle East-based carrier with deep pockets and several United States gateways — has for several years been a thorn in the side of U.S.-based carriers such as United Airlines (NYSE: UAL), Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) and American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL), all of which worry that Qatar could siphon off passengers and jobs in the

White House trade director says UAE agreement includes routes freeze

In what appears to be a divergence from the terms of the US and United Arab Emirates (UAE) new Open Skies side agreement, a top White House official told industry stakeholders that there is a freeze on adding routes to the US. Peter Navarro, assistant to US President Donald Trump and director of the White

The UAE Finally Owns Up: Their State Subsidies to Airlines Distort Competition

After years of denial and obfuscation, the UAE has finally acknowledged what U.S. network airlines and their employees have long contended and clearly proven: their government subsidies harm competition. With Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announcing today that the United States has negotiated a deal with the UAE to enforce our Open Skies agreement, the

Delta Eyes New Flights to India after Gulf Deal

Delta Air Lines Inc. Chief Executive Ed Bastian said an agreement between the U.S. and two Persian Gulf states affords new protections to U.S. airlines that make it worth restarting service to foreign destinations that could include India. “We can now go back into markets that we’ve been run out of,” he said Monday in

U.S., UAE sign pact to resolve airline competition claims: sources

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States and United Arab Emirates signed a deal on Friday to resolve U.S. claims that Gulf carriers have received unfair government subsidies, sources briefed on the matter said. The voluntary agreement, which applies to Etihad and Emirates airline and is expected to be announced next week, is similar to a

Trump’s America First Agenda Wins Trade Dispute with United Arab Emirates

President Donald Trump’s State Department will reportedly announce a new trade agreement with United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Monday, scoring a victory in a trade dispute over UAE’s subsidizing its two state-owned airlines to the detriment of U.S. airlines and workers. Breitbart News reported how several foreign nations – including the UAE – have been subsidizing

President Trump Takes Action Against UAE Open Skies Violations

Friends, News broke today that as a result of President Trump’s leadership on trade enforcement to safeguard U.S. jobs, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has agreed to end its market distorting airline subsidies and freeze any additional new 5th Freedom routes into the United States. This is a huge step forward in the fight for

Letter: Fair and open skies

While the left claims to be the party of the middle class, it is conservative activists, alongside our president, who are working to protect the livelihoods of American citizens. A perfect example would be the recent win in the Open Skies agreement. International trade is a cornerstone of our nation’s success, but fair and free

Open-skies enforcement good for Kansas workers

Kansas has a rich history of aviation that stretches back all the way to the dawn of flight. In fact, Glenn L. Martin grew up in my hometown of Salina, later starting a business with the Wright brothers, and lending his name to current-day Lockheed Martin. Our great state houses one of the five aerospace

Secretary of State Nominee Pompeo Commits to Enforce Open Skies

Yesterday, Senator Johnny Isakson – a longtime supporter of Fair Skies – took part in Secretary of State-designate, and current CIA Director, Mike Pompeo’s confirmation hearing. In addition to discussing State Department morale, Senator Isakson asked for Director Pompeo’s commitment to enforce America’s crucial Open Skies Agreements, which have been long-abused by two nations, Qatar and