President Trump’s Leadership on Open Skies Has Paid off for American Travelers

In 1987, then-real estate mogul Donald Trump laid out the strategies and wisdom that built him one of America’s largest real estate empires in his book The Art of the Deal. Now, as President of the United States, Donald Trump has been using those same tactics to deliver real results for the American people, and it’s

Matt Gaetz tells Trump to get tough on Qatar for ‘Cheating’ US Airline Companies

A GOP lawmaker sent a letter to President Donald Trump Wednesday calling for the White House to take action against Qatar for violating international Open Skies agreements and a 2018 pact between the two countries. Qatar is “cheating” U.S. airlines by subsidizing foreign competitors, cutting flight prices and outcompeting American companies in U.S. markets, according

Lawmakers urges Trump to enforce Open Skies deal with Qatar

A Republican ally of President Trump is urging the president to enforce an agreement with Qatar aimed at stopping illegal subsidies for its state-owned airline, saying the Middle Eastern nation is cheating on the deal and harming U.S. airline workers. Rep. Matt Gaetz, Florida Republican and a member of the House Armed Services Committee, told Mr. Trump in a letter obtained

Newt Gingrich: It’s time to hold Qatar accountable

Negotiations between nation states require a great deal of flexibility and discipline. In the past few days, we’ve seen a variety of international negotiating tactics from the Trump administration. Early last week, we saw strategic restraint. President Trump announced he would delay implementation of an additional $200 billion in tariffs on Chinese products due to progress in trade

Qatar Airlines runs into turbulence in the US House

The Democrat who will head the House of Representatives committee that oversees aviation has lashed out at Qatar Airways for allegedly subsidising Air Italy and giving it an unfair advantage as the Italian carrier increases its routes to the US…. Read More.

Ed Bastian op-ed: Air Italy’s mysterious benefactor

How Qatari state subsidies flow to an obscure Italian airline, circumventing a key agreement with the U.S. and putting thousands of American jobs at risk. A Deutsche Bank airline analyst asked a question recently: “Who is funding Air Italy’s losses?” In a Dec. 7 report, the firm noted the obscure Italian carrier produced a negative

Air Italy Announces Yet Another New North American Destination: Where to Next?

At this point, it’s becoming a little difficult to see Air Italy as little more than a Milan-based front for Qatar Airways to continue its North American expansion.  Just a day after announcing it would start flying to Toronto, Air Italy says it will open up a new route between Milan and Chicago in May

U.S. airlines bristle at expansion of Qatar-backed Italian airline

An Italian airline is now caught in the middle of a simmering dispute over government subsidies between the largest U.S. airlines and state-owned Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways owns a 49 percent stake in Air Italy, which is planning to serve Los Angeles and San Francisco next year from Milan. Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United Airlines say the Doha-based