Why Trump should enforce the Open Skies agreement

On the heels of the successful passage of President Trump’s tax reform that lowers taxes for tens of millions of America’s working families, the president is making the surprising move of pushing for a tax increase in the form of tariffs. The president is proposing a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and a 10

Enforcing Trade Agreements to Keep America Safe

By Robert Mitchell The United States military is the most powerful fighting force the world has ever seen. During my decades of service as a Navy SEAL and later as a CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer, the strength, intelligence, and determination of our service members was always on display. Whether on the front lines or stationed

The Irony of Emirates’ Smear Campaigns

It was not that long ago that Emirates Airways was making international headlines for their splashy television commercials featuring Hollywood A-list actress, Jennifer Aniston. It was not only big news that the airline was shelling out millions of dollars to Hollywood elites for endorsements, but also the content of the commercials was controversial to say

The UAE’s Bizarre Open Skies Confession And Threat

That was Emirates Airways CEO Tim Clark’s response to a question about what would happen if the United States government negotiates an Open Skies enforcement agreement with the United Arab Emirates as the U.S. has recently done with the State of Qatar. Mr. Clark’s response was based on his false narrative that enforcing Open Skies

Enforcing Open Skies Helps Protect America’s National Security

By: John G. Cotton, Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy, Retired With increasing global instability, our nation’s ability to respond and adapt to evolving scenarios is more critical than ever. The ability to effectively and efficiently meet our regional combatant commander’s requirements to deploy troops and supplies without interruption is a fundamental component of our nation’s national security,

U.S. Trade Enforcement Mechanisms

By: Douglas Hultz-Eakin, Jacqueline Varas Executive Summary Trade and other international economic agreements provide broad benefits to the United States and its international trade partners. However, these agreements must be enforced effectively to engender the trust needed to maintain and expand international commerce. The primary enforcement mechanisms are dispute settlement provisions under specific trade laws

Strong enforcement of Open Skies agreement with Qatar is good for the U.S.

A few weeks ago, President Trump announced an agreement with Qatar that would protect 1.2 million American aviation industry jobs. This announcement shows that the new administration is serious about enforcing our Open Skies agreements and protecting Americans from unfair competition with nations like Qatar. Transport Daily News has the story: As part of the

US Open Skies Qatar Agreement Helps Make America Great Again

From signing tax reform into law, to enforcing our immigration policies to, most recently, enforcing a key international trade agreement, President Trump has already made significant strides with his campaign pledge to “Make America Great Again.” The slogan “Make America Great Again” was always much more than a catchy phrase for bumper stickers; it was

Jobs AND Borders: This Is How The Trump Effect Is Strengthening America

The US military’s ability to deploy troops, strategic assets, and supplies effectively, efficiently, and without interruption around the globe is critical to our national security. Military readiness and the projection of power abroad are key pillars of our nation’s strength. As a former Navy SEAL and CIA paramilitary operations officer, I know firsthand how important

Progress with Qatar Sets Stage for UAE Negotiations 

Americans for Fair Skies, and the tens of thousands of aviation workers who have spoken up in support of our effort, sends its sincere appreciation to President Trump and his Administration for taking meaningful action to end the illegal and anti-competitive subsidies provided by the State of Qatar to its state-owned airline, Qatar Airways. Without government

Delta eyes return to Persian Gulf region after US strikes deal with Qatar

Almost two years after ending flights between Atlanta and Dubai, the CEO of Delta Air Lines says it may be time to return to the Persian Gulf countries. Ed Bastian told CNBC it’s too soon to predict when resuming flights to parts of the region might happen, but he says it’s a possibility now that

Under pressure from US airlines, Qatar Airways agrees to open its books

State-controlled Qatar Airways has agreed to disclose financial information within a year, a victory for big U.S. airlines that have complained over the last three years that some Persian Gulf-based carriers benefit from unfair government subsidies. Under the memorandum of understanding between the Qatari and U.S. governments, Qatar Airways “should issue public annual reports with

Qatar Airways agrees to financial disclosures in row with U.S. carriers

State-owned Qatar Airways has agreed to release detailed financial statements, the U.S. government said on Tuesday, as part of a response to accusations by U.S. airlines that the carrier had been illegally subsidized by its government. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that Qatar and the United States had opened a “strategic dialogue” to

U.S., Qatar reach agreement in long-running dispute involving Qatar Airways

U.S. and Qatar officials have reached an agreement in the three-year dispute about airline subsidies that left factions on both sides claiming victory. Under the agreement unveiled Tuesday, state-owned Qatar Airways will issue financial statements in the coming year that are audited in accordance with internationally recognized accounting standards. Within two years, Qatar agreed to